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Sarthak Civil Institute is one of the most Prestigious Institute For Civil Services Preparation in India. We Provide Suitable Environment for Civil Service Aspirants. We Provide best strategy and Study Material According to UPSC nowadays. we Never Compermise with the quality.

Art of success is motivation cum- training programme that aims at unleashing the unlimited power of the human mind. Success guru Renu Dhawan says, “ I fell that everyone has unlimited powers to succeed and reach any height in life. Everyone is born with set of unique potentials and if one is trained properly in the art to use their potential one can Create wonders in his/her life and for the society.

Unfortunately, the motivation level in the youth of our country, in general, is low s they grow up in n atmosphere of insecurity and cut-throat competition without much emotional back-up or the right training to face them. Through this programme, I help my student recognize their true potential and learn how to use it to be sure of their success, be it in the Civil Services Examination or any other field”

Renu Dhawan Art of success for the Civil Services Exam is customized programme to train the human mind to achieve the desired result. The programmer aims at developing the right kind of traits and making them a part and parcel of the school/college/university exams, student develops good knowledge base but he/she also acquires skill set that might have helped him/her in the Civil Services Examinations, but the scheme norientation of civil services exam is such that it does not test a candidate knowledge but his/her skill and wisdom for handling the administrative challenges.

Besides this programme offers life solution to all the problems of life by addressing the roots of the problems. So, one can master not only the art of success but also that of happiness, peace and sustained growth, one permanent basis. This programme is for those who want to do something extraordinary in life.

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  • IAS
  • PCS
  • UGC Net/JRF
  • SSC


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